empowering teen girls


Red was the theme for week 3.  I used this theme as an opportunity to focus on some of my overall goals.  I did a VERY informal poll of friends with daughters.  I asked them if they could be sure that their daughters were confident of one thing, what would it be.  These words were some of the answers.  As I parent 4 daughters, I realize how important these words are.  The teen years are hard.  Our daughters are bombarded with mixed messages from so many directions.  They see an abundance of marketing images and messages…  Thin, beautiful, photoshopped, professionally styled and made up girls oozing with coolness selling a brand that will help them achieve acceptance and popularity.  When do they start thinking that they aren’t enough? pretty enough?  funny enough?  cool enough?  smart enough?  If only we could ensure that our girls were confident of these things…

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