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There might not be a busier year than Senior Year…  Why then, in the middle of the busiest year of your life is it important to schedule a Pre-Consultation?????

I am a HUGE fan of pre-session consultations.   Here are five of my favorite reasons:

austin senior photographer

1. A Pre-Session Consultation with your Austin Senior Photographer helps make everyone comfortable.

If you really want pictures that capture your senior’s personality, then you want them to be was comfortable as possible.  Let’s face it…  Getting photographed can be a little intimidated.  One can feel a little exposed.  Meeting for coffee and designing a session that fits your senior’s personality gets the awkward introductions out of the way.  You are not meeting the photographer and immediately stepping into that vulnerable feeling situation.

2. A Pre-Consultation helps your vision become my vision

I send out a questionnaire to both the Senior and the Parent.  Sometimes the parent’s vision for portraits is a little different than the student’s vision.  I have questionnaires to help me get a feel for what these visions are, but really it is only through conversation that we collectively design the look and feel of your session.  You bring to me your ideas and I help bring them to life.

3. A Pre-Session Consultation helps us choose a location to match your personality.

So, if you had been content with a generic background for your Austin Senior Portraits, then you would have been content with the yearbook photos.  But you want portraits that are as unique as you are.  I can’t tell you the number of times that clients and I have had an EUREKA moment as to where to shoot the session during our Pre-Consultation.  One time we were trying to find a great lakeside venue to shoot a session and through brainstorming at the pre-consultation, the clients realized a friend’s Lake Austin home was the perfect setting.


4. A Pre-Consultation helps us refine your outfits and accessories.

I ask that my clients pictures of their outfits to their pre-consultation.  As we go through the clothing choices, we can discuss if there are garments that just don’t work.  We can also decide if there are any accessories that need to be added to kick the outfit up to the next level.  We can also discuss hair and make up ideas to make sure that your portraits are polished and gorgeous!

5. A Pre-Consultation helps us start thinking about what products fit your needs.

If you already know what products you are interested in, it helps me to shoot images that are perfect for you.  Some images are more suitable for certain products.  Are you wanting a large canvas?  Then it is important that we get some epic environmental portraits.  Are you wanting come custom announcements?  Then I need to get some great images with some negative space suitable for accommodating text.  Austin Senior Photographer

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