Good photography can be expensive and while there are there are lots of times when average pictures will suffice, here are 9 family portrait milestones worth investing in good photography.


10 milestones for good portraits

For some people it is important to have a photographer documenting the actual birth, other people love the creatively styled newborn portraits and still others prefer a lifestyle session of the first days at home.  While it might be too expensive for all of these options, it is definitely worth splurging on one of them.  The birth of a child is definitely a big family portrait milestone.

ChildhoodChildhood Portraits

Not everyone can afford great quality portraits every year of childhood, but it is important to splurge at least once between the ages of 2 and 8 to capture the sweet personality of your ever changing child.  These years seem long when you are in the middle of them but before you know it, their adult teeth have grown in and their feet are as big as yours!


Family Portraits with Young Children

family portrait milestones

In general most families are pretty good about taking at least one family portrait during the early childhood years.  Before schedules get crazy and parents are schlepping kids off to opposite directions on Saturday for all of the different activities.  If you think that you are likely to only splurge once on high quality, nice, print it BIG family portraits during these early childhood years, you need to make sure that you have had all the kids you are going to have…  and it is best if the littlest one is at least two.  It seems like once you have a new baby, all the family portraits taken before that point are instantly incomplete.

The Tween Years

the tween years

Great photos during the tween years document that sweet child that is quickly becoming a teenager.  Their faces and bodies are changing so quickly.  Great photos can also really boost she confidence of a tween girl that is feeling awkward.

Family Portraits with Teens


This is probably the most neglected milestone in the photography world.  I have had countless clients tell me that they haven’t had a family portrait taken since their kids were little.  It isn’t as if the family unit has gotten any less important, but your lives get busy…  As moms, we get older and less comfortable in front of a camera.  It just isn’t the priority it was when our kids were young.  BUT it is important!  AND so much easier to do before your kids move out of your house.

Senior Portraits

Senior Photos 1

Where as childhood and tween portraits are family portrait milestones that can shift a little earlier or a little later, Senior year is a defined moment in time.  Because of that High School Seniors are pretty well marketed to and this is a milestone that is pretty hard to miss.  But often this is one of the last times in their lives that they will have a portrait session focused solely on them.  It can be a fabulous experience!

Engagement Pictures


There is something so exciting about an engaged couple!  The anticipation… the promise… the potential…  It is a fun milestone to capture.

Wedding Photography

Driskill Weddings

For most people, having a wedding photographer is a non-negotiable.  The question isn’t whether or not they are going to have a photographer, but what their budget is going to be for their photographer.  Weddings are expensive and the wedding photography isn’t as tangible as the food and the flowers, so it can be easy to overlook the importance of it.  But the photographs are the piece of the wedding that is going to live on past everything else, so it is important to invest in a good quality photographer.

Extended Family Portraits


People often overlook the significance of extended family portraits.  Our heritage and history comes from our extended family.  I love to capture all of the relationships within an extended family.

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